By Vichara

Guru Craig's Thought Of The Day...
If there were ways to reassure ourselves that things on a daily basis would be ok, most of us would seize the opportunity. However the undercurrent impermanence of everything has domain over every aspect of every moment of every day and creates challenges for those of us who do do not like things challenging. We can choose an erratic existence and be troubled by every thing or we can be strong like water and flow along and embrace and learn from change. Meld as change happens.

Word Of The Day...
subreption • \sub-REP-shun\ • noun
a deliberate misrepresentation; also : an inference drawn from it
Example Sentence:
Shareholders have filed a class action lawsuit against the company for its subreption of earnings and losses.

Did you know?
In canon law and Scots law, subreption is the obtainment of a dispensation or gift by concealment of the truth, whereas obreption is the obtainment of a dispensation or gift by fraud. Both terms are from Latin nouns: respectively, "subreptio," meaning "the act of stealing," and "obreptio," meaning "the act of stealing upon." The derivation of "subreption" also traces to the Latin verb "surripere," meaning "to take away secretly," which is the base of the Anglicized term "surreptitious," a synonym of "stealthy." "Obreption" shares an ancestor with the word "reptile": Latin "repere," meaning "to creep."

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