The seed of potentiality...

By Vichara

Perhaps a placebo is just enough to initiate the momentum.  Perhaps by placing a seed with some temporary sugar coating will be enough to spark the flame of confidence.  We all play a guessing game in this life.  Some will tell you that have it all together and they know exactly what to do.  While yes there may be some methodologies that may have elements that have been useful in the past not one single person has it all. There are just too many variables and unique personalities.  The one thing I do know for certain is that every single one of us has the element of potential. It is there when we are born and is never far from our fingertips but yes it does get pushed around a bit by individuals and life.  We just need to be reminded that this spark of potentiality is always there, it just needs a little help.  It may need a smile, a kind word, a glimpse of beauty, a single touch or just a gentle reminder from yourself that it is always there.  No one and I mean no one can take it away from you.  

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