Reflection point road markers...

By Vichara

As I “sat” I looked down at the little book I write these “thoughts” in and staring back at me was this blank page. I thought – perfect! This blank page is a fresh start and a new day. In essence a whole new beginning. How could I convey this in a meager written form and even if I could would it contain enough commonalities to be understood? We are given this with each day “____________________” and we have a tendency to produce this “@#**5$&^***!^?:” by the end of each day. So how can we keep at least some of the openness that is given to us from turning into this consistent frenetic jungle of clanging noise? At this point in writing this I must admit I feel I have painted myself into a corner. But no it is not a corner but a reflection point and perhaps the answer to the question from above. If by spontaneously installing reflection points (like road-side rest stops) throughout our day perhaps there we can recharge and remind ourselves that we all have the opportunity for a fresh start at any point in the day. I’m not completely sure but…I’m looking at a blank page again.

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