Waves of Time & Light...

By Vichara

The days roll on like giant waves of time and light. The illuminated wave crests and folds into the dark wave that rolls back and opens back to light and so on. Within these waves, the souls, the dreams, the love, the anguish and the energies of billions of beings riding these waves all in an effort not to be pulled into the riptide of negativity. Common fact, we all struggle in various in various degrees, some more than others but we all need to keep trying or we can get sucked under. Our efforts in riding these waves may seem futile at times but it is only with some effort will you at least be able to survive. The key is not blind optimism but in a steady resolve with a kind and compassionate heart. We are all expert surfer dudes and dudettes but at times we may be a bit shaky riding these waves. That is where as fellow compassionate surfers we keep a peripheral watch with our wave companions and lend our support when needed and warranted. Be careful out there today and cowabunga!

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