The journey...

By Vichara

We enter this world through our own private entrance. This entry is only given to each individual because beyond this entrance is the myriad of paths that we will encounter throughout our own personal lifetime. These paths are self-contained in this gigantic plane of existence with many twists and turns, peaks and valleys and of course many joys and disappointments. Throughout the years here you create memories that will be framed and hung throughout the corridors and will leave their visual and emotional mark. At the end of all of this you will find your own personal exit where you will be given your own scrapbook of this journey which you will carry through the exit, cross the threshold into the next room, the next plane of existence. Make the journey worth it. Don’t piss and moan, do something to make things better for many and not the one. As George Bernard Shaw said – leave a mark, even if it’s just a scratch.

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