By Vichara

Perhaps you may feel like an island of sanity sometimes when some around you and the world behaves with a self-centered irrational manner. You are not alone. The revving and screaming tires of the car cutting you off today, the pompous self-entitlement look someone may give you and some erratic irrational act that has you shaking your head. All of these are based in fear. Fear that they have not being noticed, fear that they didn’t deserve things in life, fear that no one cares for them and numerous shades of fear. We all have fears in one way or another as the world spins in unpleasant and unpredictable ways. The antidote lies in first recognizing this fact and not over reacting when you witness acts of fear. Instead employ patience and compassion with yourself and others to help disperse fear. It will be with this engagement where the remedy and relief will be found.

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