The next wave...

By Vichara

We are swimming upwards in the last few feet towards the surface, to the light, to the air, to the New Year that awaits us all. What will happen when we reach the surface, the New Year? Will there be a tsunami that will force you down many leagues an initiate another struggle upwards again to break free or will you initiate the fortitude and resilience that has been lying dormant and finally kick it into high gear. It is up to you; no truly it is when it come down to it. Once on the surface the waves of challenge can be massive like those in our mighty oceans or the size of a ripple in a mud puddle. Every one of you out there has the height and the strength to overcome and to stand tall to what the New Year brings. The power comes from a renewable source that is charged by Love, Compassion and Patience. The more you put in the more resilient and inspired you will be. But again…it is up to you.

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