Part of the journey?...

By Vichara

Recently I paid a visit to this wonderful library while I was out of town

. As I quietly ventured into this large room I was overwhelmed with the shear number of philosophical and spiritual books that filled each shelf. A library filled with nothing but volumes of metaphysical thoughts. Well I felt like a kid at Baskin-Robbins – so many flavors to choose from, where to start. But then I thought, as you know I would, is there areas of knowledge that we gravitate to for a reason? Is there subject matter were we are destined to explore given the right circumstances? Is this vessel we call our mind and body given a genetic code that will aid in finding answers? And once we get those answers is it part of our purpose here to share this with others so that it will help them find their answers? Sort of knowledge leapfrog? Not sure but I’m going back to this library for a second helping.

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