The abuse of words…

By Vichara

Words can divide and conquer but their biggest asset is unite. Everyday we have been hearing disparaging and negative words being used to discredit or to misalign what others have done or said. The numbing effect of these words to some, results in a shrug and turning away. Instead of calling on those who speak dismissively to account and give justification for the destructive things they say, we walk away. We need to collectively stop the abuse of words and to build a foundation of positive and supportive language that will inspire each other daily. Not just in small ways, but in small compassionate ways as well.

aggress • \uh-GRESS\ • verb
: to commit aggression : to act aggressively

Example Sentence:
Certain indicators, such as irritability, can indicate an animal's likelihood to aggress.

Did you know?
"Aggress" and its more familiar relatives, "aggression" and "aggressive," derive from the Latin verb "aggredi," meaning "to approach, attack, or undertake." When "aggress" was first used in English in the 16th century, it meant "to approach," but that use is now obsolete. The current meaning of the word has been with us since the early 18th century. Back then, the noun "aggress" ("an attack") appeared occasionally as well, but time has relegated that use to obsolescence, too.

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