Expect a miracle…

By Vichara

Expect a miracle! We have seen this quick inspirational quote used in pop culture over the years. But what if we did expect one or at least the essence of the healing core that is embedded in these three words. We are given so many reasons not to be hopeful by all the negativity in 98% of the news on TV, in magazines and newspapers. But buried in all of these, pushed to the side in our daily lives are small miracles chugging along like the little engine that could. Help in your own way to feed the engine of this ambassador of hope with your own compassion…oh and don’t forget your turn to blow the horn on this little engine.

shunpike • \SHUN-pyke\ • noun
: a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway

Example Sentence:
When people request directions to our house, I ask them if they prefer to take the turnpike or the shunpike.

Did you know?
America's love affair with the automobile and the development of a national system of superhighways (along with the occasional desire to seek out paths less-traveled) is a story belonging to the 20th century. So the word "shunpike," too, must be a 20th-century phenomenon, right? Nope. Toll roads have actually existed for centuries (the word "turnpike" has meant "tollgate" since at least 1678). In fact, toll roads were quite common in 19th-century America, and "shunpike" has been describing side roads since the middle of that century, almost half a century before the first Model T rolled out of the factory.

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