By Vichara

When you’re alone and you think no one notices the changes happening to you, someone does. When you’re alone and you think no one sees when you are happy, someone does. When you’re alone and you think no one feels your anxiety and heartache, someone does. When you’re alone and you think no one wants to be around you, someone does. Of course that someone is you because any shift in your physical or mental being is first acknowledged by yourself, but here is the seed. Nurture this, honor this because these are the essential elements of change that not only affect your individual surroundings but also in the respect of these radiate out and change the world around you. Acknowledge the beacon that you are, shine and change the world. We all can.

circumspect • \SER-kum-spekt\ • adjective
: careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences : prudent

Example Sentence:
“Indications are that school boards, uncertain of what voters will do, have been more circumspect in drafting budgets.” (The Star-Ledger [Newark, New Jersey], April 7, 2008)

Did you know?
"Circumspect," "cautious," "wary," and "chary" all imply looking before you leap, but each puts a unique spin on being careful in the face of risk or danger. "Circumspect," which descends from Latin “circum-” (“around”) and “specere” (“to look”), implies the surveying of all possible consequences before acting or deciding (as in "he is circumspect in business dealings"). "Cautious" suggests fear of danger and the exercise of forethought that it prompts (as in "a cautious driver"). "Wary" emphasizes suspiciousness and alertness in sensing danger and cunning in escaping it (as in "keep a wary eye on the competition"). "Chary" implies a cautious reluctance to give, act, or speak freely (as in "she is chary of signing papers without reading them first").

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