The small steps...

By Vichara

While the grand schemes and big plans in life are essential to inspire us to greater things, we must remember it is the small steps that bring us to the ultimate end. In the small steps we learn the necessary benchmarks that will gauge our progression to whatever goal we are reaching for. It is in the small steps where we learn the tolerance and compassion not only for others but for ourselves.

prehension • \pree-HEN-shun\ • noun
1 : the act of taking hold, seizing, or grasping
2 : mental understanding : comprehension
3 : apprehension by the senses

Example Sentence:
The new surgery claims to offer an increase in hand prehension and successful use of the hand after a nerve transplant.

Did you know?
It's easy to grasp the origins of "prehension" -- it descends from the Latin verb "prehendere," which means "to seize” or “to grasp." Other descendants of "prehendere" in English include "apprehend," "comprehend" ("to grasp the nature or significance of"), "prehensile" ("adapted for seizing or grasping"), "prison," "reprise," and "reprisal." Even the English word "get" comes to us from the same ancient root that led to the Latin "prehendere."

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