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By Vichara

We can judge a person for the past but they are already different in the present. Like a river ever moving forward individuals meld and change according to circumstances. Some of these changes can be profound and dramatically change a person’s life. So by having preconceived judgments of others only keeps yourself back. Instead try to approach each situation and each individual in the moment. Listen with new ears and process with love, compassion and patience.

finesse • \fuh-NESS\ • verb

1 : to make a finesse in playing cards : to play (a card) in a finesse

2 : to bring about, direct, or manage by adroit maneuvering b : evade, skirt

Example Sentence:

"A surer hand behind the camera might've finessed the jokes more effectively, or established a consistent and satisfying tone." (Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune, November 6, 2009)

Did you know?

"Finesse" was a noun for more than 200 years before it became a verb. In the early 16th century the noun "finesse" was used to refer to refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture. Soon thereafter it developed the "skillful handling of a situation" meaning most common today. The first use of the verb "finesse," however, was not as a corollary of one of these meanings. Instead, its meaning had to do with cards: if you finesse in a game like bridge or whist, you withhold your highest card or trump in the hope that a lower card will take the trick because the only opposing higher card is in the hand of an opponent who has already played. The other verb meanings of "finesse" developed within a few decades of this one.

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