Searching for answers...

By Vichara

We are all searching for “answers”. What if there are none to be found? What if what we find is merely the “bread crumbs” on a path that is put there just to keep us moving forward. Moving forward to what? The answer? To some form of understanding? Some peace? I don’t know but I believe for the sake of keeping ones sanity it may be beneficial to have the faith to believe. Faith that this journey that has led us to this physical being of skin & bones that we inhabit was created for a reason. We may not be put here to find the perceived big answers but perhaps to help others to find it.

namby-pamby • \nam-bee-PAM-bee\ • adjective

1 : lacking in character or substance : insipid

2 : weak, indecisive

Example Sentence:

The candidate criticized her opponent during the debate, calling him a namby-pamby flip-flopper who could not stand up for what he believed in.

Did you know?

Eighteenth-century poets Alexander Pope and Henry Carey didn't think much of their contemporary Ambrose Philips. His sentimental, singsong verses were too childish and simple for their palates. In 1726, Carey came up with the rhyming nickname "Namby-Pamby" (playing on "Ambrose") to parody Philips: "Namby-Pamby's doubly mild / Once a man and twice a child . . . / Now he pumps his little wits / All by little tiny bits." In 1733, Pope borrowed the nickname to take his own satirical jab at Philips in the poem "The Dunciad." Before long, "namby-pamby" was being applied to any piece of writing that was insipidly precious, simple, or sentimental, and later to anyone considered pathetically weak or indecisive.

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