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By Vichara

It’s one thing to acknowledge another one’s existence on the external level without too much fanfare; it is acknowledge that person’s internal existence without judgment is where the challenge exists. The physical form is just a collection of bones, skin and blood adorned with fabrics but what that person believes in, dreams about and feel can seem as vast and large as looking out into the ocean. Some things people believe in we will not totally understand because each of our personal experiences and how they are personally interpret them. But here is the tripping point and if we stop, listen and try to understand we can find the commonalities that we could share. From there will be a starting point that will ignite the conversation not to argument and disagreement but to understanding and compassion.

colubrine • \KAHL-yuh-bryne\ • adjective
*1 : of, relating to, or resembling a snake
2 : of or relating to a large cosmopolitan family (Colubridae) of chiefly nonvenomous snakes
Example Sentence:
"By the time the music starts throbbing at 9, there will undoubtedly be a colubrine line slithering down Mass. Ave." (Christopher Muther, The Boston Globe, March 2002)
Did you know?
"Colubrine" may be less common than other animal words, such as "canine," "feline," and "bovine," but it has been around for a good long while. Ultimately derived from the Latin "colubra" ("snake"), it slithered into the English language in the 16th century. ("Cobra," by the way, comes from the same Latin word, but entered English through Portuguese.) Some other words for "snakelike" are "serpentine" (a more common alternative) and "ophidian" (from the Greek word for snake: "ophis").

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