Be a light on the path...

By Vichara

We may speak in many languages but we all know compassion. Our skin may have many different pigments but we all feel pain. There may be many miles that separate us but love draws us closer and a simple smile will connect our hearts. We may call it many things in each of our cultures but at the core we are seeking understanding and enlightenment. The frenetic energy that can encompass us will act as a deterrent and a diversion but it is only temporal. Once the heart calls for a truce amongst the senses that path to understanding and enlightenment becomes a little easier. There will always be little holes and stones that will be strewn on the path but with conviction of the heart tempered by compassion you won’t stub your toes that much. We are all on the same path so hold up the light a little bit higher and together we will find the understanding.

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