A matter of perception...

By Vichara

One person’s salvation can be another person’s dilemma; it’s all a matter of perception. In fact all that we see is all a matter of perception. Two people could be standing right next to each other overlooking a rolling landscape with large trees, colorful flowers and in the center a pond teeming with life. One could be in awe of the beauty and the cavalcade of little beings while the other person could be apprehensive about being surrounded by that mush nature and scared for their lives. It’s all a matter of perception. From the mundane to the greatest of tasks if you are observant of others you can see from their eyes and body movements their perception and primal reaction. There may be similarities but each of us sees things in our own unique way. Plato said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. As you go through your day try to be a little more cognizant of others and their perceptions. You may be in the same room but their battlefield could be a meadow or a storm.

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