Mirror of understanding...

By Vichara

We reflect what we are taught in the mirror of understanding. If your mirror is clouded and streaked with uncertainty it will be hard to have a clear vision of your intent. If you are too close the heat will fog your viewpoint and your vision will be myopic. Where you stand will determine the clarity, the understanding and the direction you will take and how others will view you. There will be a need at times to grab a big roll of paper towels and window cleaner to clear off the residue of misunderstanding and uncertainty. This process can take some time at first but it will become much easier over time with equanimity and self-realization. There will be even times when there will be little need to say “mirror, mirror on the wall, where the hell am I going (I know that doesn’t rhyme) because what we reflect will not be isolated but be encompassing and unencumbered by doubt or misunderstanding.

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