The temporal curtains...

By Vichara

We have created a world where indifference is a comfort for the ever-present fear that we hold on to. Within this world we create worlds of sound and glass. Through iPods we create a musical world where rhythm and words sonically dress the world we wish for. Behind the glass we drive we try to hide behind and yet still see the world like some goldfish peeping out into a world that we barely exist in. We are at many times uncomfortable with the world we find ourselves in and seek whatever refuge we can. What is it about this world that we dislike? It is not the world we created in “entertainment” vision. Solutions are not found in 60 minutes

; the smiles are never that white and cleaning up is never that easy. The orchestral strings are never heard at the significant moments to let us know that victory is at hand and because of this we start creating our own worlds. These are only temporal curtains that will be shredded when we engage the world with honesty and reality. There is much more magic than mania out there, trust more in yourself.

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