A new Day...

By Vichara

The Day just tumbled out of bed in a reluctant haphazard way. The slippers were not there it stubbed its right big toe on the post of the dresser. After the dance of “ouch” the Day groggily shuffled out in the kitchen to retrieve the morning cup of coffee. There to meet Day in the kitchen was all of us. I mean every one of us. The Day has a big kitchen. Some of us were grumpy with dread of the appearance of Day and teetered in our chairs poised either to run back to bed or cry. Others had a sense of compliance and greeted the Day with the resolve to do their best. At some of the tables there were those who wore big smiles excited with the appearance of the Day. Of course there was those who wanted to slap those cheery faces but some how knew better and just took another gulp of coffee. Did I mention that the Day has a big coffee pot? The Day will roll out regardless of whatever you are doing. It is up to you and what level of engagement you bring to the table. However you feel towards the Day it will be up to you if you wish to waste it.

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