What makes the world turn...

By Vichara

It’s funny the things you think of when you were little kids. When there was little or no wind I was happy. I believed that the wind made the earth move faster. If there was no wind the day would be longer and there would be more time to play. The of course you get older as a teenager you believe a lot of things you are told only to find out later the secrets of deception and manipulation. As the years go by the wind gets stronger and before you know it the world has spun so fast that you are much older. From this vantage point the colors seem different, your skin feels more sensitive in different ways and the words you hear sound different in tome and timbre. At times I feel with the quantity of stimuli that fissures are needed to be created to release these new sensations. Some do it with singing, others with painting or other visual arts and then some with the written word. However it gets manifested we should seek a peaceful, compassionate method to release the things we believe. By the way I have found that it’s not wind that makes the world turn, it is love.

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