Currency of the heart...

By Vichara

There is a very popular movie where the lead actor states that greed is good. Somehow amassing a large personal collection of metal coins and paper will solve and can solve whatever you may need. Why yes since our world is set up in a manner where this currency is the means to obtain goods and services, no matter how large your collection it will only sustain you, it will not save you. If you are lying in a hospital bed with death nearby, this coin and paper will only keep machines going, not you. A dear friend once told me that he has never seen a U-Haul truck following hearse. Use these coins and paper to sustain you within reason but remember the currency of the heart is far more valuable to the world. The more you spend of this currency, through love, patience and compassion, the more it will return on your investment. So go and spend a lot of it today!

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