Love and respect...

By Vichara

When it really comes down to it all in this life there is only two things that we want…to be loved and respected. To you, быть полюбленным и уважать and to you, zu geliebt werden und respektiert werden and for you, om worden gehouden en worden geëerbiedigd and to you, 将被爱和被尊敬. Love – to know that this very primal element has been met and fulfilled and from receiving love it opens up the doors so that we can extent love. Respected – to know that the sum total of our acts and actions have not been a complete waste of time and have had some sense of value. Because when it really comes down to that final moment, that final breath, that final thought and that final last thing you see it doesn’t matter how much you physically have amassed it is love and respect that will matter the most. As I have quoted before from a dear friend “you never see a U-Haul truck following a hearse”. This is not to say we should all be ascetics and lives sparingly (unless you want to). Enjoy what you have but know that it just physical and it suffers from the same kind of impermanence that you do and we all do. It might be smarter and more rewarding not to invest in so many physical things and invest your time and energy in the Bank of Love and Respect. It will yield a higher interest rate for the portfolio of your life.

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