A vicious rumor...

By Vichara

Is there any truth to the rumor? I’m sure you may have heard a little about it in passing. Someone told me that it was on the news last night just after the weather forecast. I did receive a text message from a pal in Europe that has been hearing the same thing over there as well. I know it may be hard to believe and that any such notion needs to be met with a certain amount of skepticism. I mean really, can we believe what this rumor is stating has any truth to it? I know that some would consider it just plain naïve to have such a notion and for others it would be just ridiculous. Who would have started a rumor that “Love, Patience and Compassion” are the key elements to unlocking human potential? That with these three plugged into our hearts and minds creates the possibility of positive change for all? I mean are they CRAZY!?

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