Our contract...

By Vichara

You may not know this but when we were born we all signed a contract. We signed it audibly with that first cry. I know, I know you are saying it can’t be valid because some doctor slapped you into doing it and so it was coerced. You would have done it anyway even without a little coaxing. We all needed to announce our arrival into this world. With this announcement comes acceptance of the responsibility we all assume when we enter this world. First the world is relatively easy on the terms and us. We merely sleep, eat, gurgle and defecate. But as time goes by and we start to “see’ things and recognizing challenges and opportunities the contract become a little more evident. There will be some clauses in our contract that may take years to fulfill and there will be tears and laughter to balance the terms. In the end what could be the toughest or the easiest overall term, depending on the spirit of your will be this; regardless of how the world is presented to you treat each moment with love, patience and compassion.

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