Lighten the load...

By Vichara

The “road” stretches out in front of us and we question which way to go. We seek guidance of direction for this journey from many sources in hope that whatever advice we have been given or follow will be right. It won’t be some of the time but that is just part of the plan. Mistakes will be made but it is wise not to discard them as they benefit you as much as the triumphs, in fact maybe even more. Sounds simple enough right? Sounds a bit remedial but we will sometimes forget this and fall again over the same “rock” in the road. Pick it up, put it in your “satchel of lessons learned” and take it with you. By having it’s figurative presence with you will raise the cognizant attention you will pay to similar situations and with the other lessons you have learned, lead to the most efficient and logical answers you need. The satchel will not get heavier but lighter. Simple yes, but good things to remember.

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