Portals of realization....

By Vichara

For most of us we rarely get time to contemplate and reflect with our daily busy schedules but sometimes here are small windows along the way. Portals of realization. Like when I'm sitting in traffic that is not really moving and one of the voices in a podcasts says something intriguing and it lifts the bottom of the big circus tent just enough where you might be able to see / feel something...then the light changes. However there was this one broadcast the other night that was taking about the sense of meaning to it all...and I mean to IT all. He referenced Nietzsche and something he posed called the "most difficult question". You may have heard this but it is not something inherently we all deep down think about too much. What if all of "this" is meaningless and is all just a complete waste of time? Not a comforting thought to have whilst driving the freeway and trying to battle my way over 3 lanes to get to the correct lane to get home right? But while it is a tough nugget to bite on it does (at least for me at this time) act as a catalyst to react in a different way. Don't let it gnaw on you in a nihilistic way and to submission but rather find the impetus and look for that sometimes illusive portal to find meaning. Be it in something creative, musical, writing, painting, something that uses the hands with the earth, uses the hands to build a cabinet, uses the hands to help others. It does sound a bit Pollyanna-like but I think we do face and see way too much nihilistic behavior everyday and if we can all try to turn the "boats" around against this current we would realize that the current is actually going the other way. Well that's the way I see it anyway.

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