By Vichara

You can’t take care of things unless you are taking care of yourself. For the most part there is no AAA that can be used; it’s up to you. The methodology for the external is fairly simple. Eat well-balanced nutritious meals, keep yourself hydrated, enjoy some physical activity on a regular basis, try to refrain from excessive abuse in using alcohol or drugs and get enough rest. The maintenance of the internal can be far more rigorous and challenging. The corridors of the mind can be fraught with anxieties and frustration. It can run to the extreme ends of pure joy and love. The key to the maintenance for the internal is not as pragmatic as the external but their success is both based on balance, the middle way. We all know how we feel when we overindulge and for some of us we know when there is a complete void of both love and nutrition. This is not an avocation of an austere lifestyle but a promotion of leading a balanced life filled with exploration tempered with compassion. From this vista you will gain access to the tools that will not only engage you to take care of yourself successfully but also the world around you – internally and externally.

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