By Vichara

BOO! We’re you scared? Did you get frightened? Don’t worry it’s not a nasty ghoulish goblin here to make you shiver with fright; it’s something scarier it’s…YOU! Ooooooh no! Yes you creator of all the fearful things, the master of mayhem & macabre. Scarier than Chuckie, Jason & Freddy, it’s you. How do you stop being so scared? It’s not with a crucifix and garlic, it’s something more rare than exotic potions, lotions and incantations it’s with…compassion. Compassion for yourself and others around you. By adding a dollop of this magical property into your lives the walls of resistance and reticence begin to reduce themselves and your vision of existence starts to become clearer. And from clarity comes understanding and equanimity. But since it’s Halloween don’t forget a wooden stake in case you run into a vampire!...BOOOO!!!

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