Meeting at high noon...

By Vichara

Two thoughts meet and face each other like Wild West gunslingers at high noon. Who is faster at engaging the synopses that will culminate in a victory with the grey matter of the brain? Who will be faster, hit the mark and gain dominance? The right thought, the wrong thought. The calculated or the impulsive, which one will, it be? In that split second with that one dominant thought our lives change. This thought gunfight happens so many times in a day that we do not keep track. So how do we know that the decision to raise the hand of victory in that microsecond is the right one? Is it in the intuitive moral compass that hopefully cultivated? Spiritual guides that mysteriously lead you through to safety? I am not completely sure with only 57 years on this planet. But I do believe if the paths that we have traversed are infused with the lessons from those of good moral integrity that our hands and hearts will be then soundly guided and we will ultimately win the battle at high noon

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