Sheer will...

By Vichara

We are superstitious about superstitions; Don’t step on the crack unless you… Throw the salt over your shoulder… Turn around three times and spit… Rub the rabbit foot… Don’t let a black cat cross… We use incantations, spells and chanting all in the attempt for the most part to stop something from happening to you, friends or family member. In others words trying to control what may be unavoidable…or not. While many cultures have their talismans and prayers at the core of these attempts to change the outcome is the sheer will. That is it. It is not that any one object contains magical properties; it is the focus of sheer will that will be effective with the outcome. If you want to change you can. Step by step do the work to get it done. Inch by inch gather your tools to build a better foundation. Don’t kill another rabbit for its foot – do the work yourself!

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