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By Vichara

We’ve grown up and become adults and the playground just got bigger. We argue and laugh, just like we did when we did as kids in the park but now it is bigger, more sophisticated and deadlier. This is not a video game. When you pull the trigger, the bullet can’t be pulled back. You can’t re-set the game. The words unleashed, will make it’s mark. The cause will have its effect, the action a reaction. Choose from a more meaningful armament. Walk softly but carry a big heart, conscious of how it leaves it’s mark.

bifurcate • \BYE-fer-kayt\ • verb
: to divide or cause to divide into two branches or parts
Example Sentence:
The proposed restructuring would bifurcate the company.
Did you know?
Yogi Berra, the baseball great who was noted for his head-scratching quotes, is purported to have said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Yogi’s advice might not offer much help when making tough decisions in life, but perhaps it will help you remember today’s word, “bifurcate.” A road that bifurcates splits in two like the one in Yogi’s adage. Other things can bifurcate as well, such as an organization that splits into two factions. “Bifurcate” derives from the Latin “bifurcus,” meaning “two-pronged,” a combination of the prefix “bi-” (“two”) and the noun “furca” (“fork”). “Furca,” as you can probably tell, gave us our word “fork.”

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