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By Vichara

We become a little more reflective at this point in the year and channel our efforts in more of a humanistic giving way. We are called upon this condition by the Christian calendar that marks the anniversary of a young mans’ birth, a man that tried to shift the conscious of people away from idol worship to an approach of love and respect, regardless of your station in life. While it would be respectful to celebrate the births of other great icons of faith like the Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Moses, Abraham, etc, it could create commercial marketplace chaos. But what if we were to take the core goodwill message of love, honor & respect that is focused on for a few days at this time and disperse them evenly over 365 days of our calendar year? Perhaps it could turn this last minute, chaotic rush of goodwill into a full year of harmonious bliss.

simulacrum • \sim-yuh-LAK-rum\ • noun
1 : image, representation
2 : an insubstantial form or semblance of something : trace

Example Sentence:
The magazine is still in publication, but, since the change in ownership, it is but a simulacrum of its former self.

Did you know?
It's not a figment of your imagination; there is a similarity between "simulacrum" and "simulate." Both of those English words derive from "simulare," a Latin verb meaning "to copy, represent, or feign." In its earliest English uses, "simulacrum" named something that provided an image or representation (as, for instance, a portrait, marble statue, or wax figure representing a person). Perhaps because a simulacrum, no matter how skillfully done, is not the real thing, the word gained an extended sense emphasizing the superficiality or insubstantiality of a thing.

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