Good morning...

By Vichara

The sun is up, you’re breathing, you are probably one of the lucky ones that will have some food this morning, what’s left to do? I’m not talking in the figurative sense but in the literal sense as well. Is there an unreachable thing you can start to take a few steps forward with? Is there an extra ounce of forgiveness you can give to yourself or someone else?

derelict • \DAIR-uh-likt\ • adjective
1 : abandoned especially by the owner or occupant : run-down
2 : lacking a sense of duty : negligent

Example Sentence:
In letting the children stay up late into the night, watching television, the babysitter was derelict in her duty.

Did you know?
The Latin verb "relinquere" left behind a few English derivatives. This word, itself meaning "to leave behind," is the root of our "derelict." Something derelict has been left behind, or at least appears that way. In another sense, someone derelict leaves behind or neglects his or her duties or obligations. Another descendent of "relinquere" is "relinquish," meaning "to leave behind," "to give up," or "to release." "Relic" is another example of a word that ultimately comes from "relinquere." "Relics," in the original sense of the term, referred to things treasured for their association with a saint or martyr -- that is, objects saints and martyrs had left behind.

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