By Vichara

Life does not pay attention to the calendar, it moves along without regard to it. Just because it is a certain holiday or celebrated date life and death will march on through, it just does not care. Don’t expect life to coincide with something that you want to do and don’t expect death to wait to wait even if it is Christmas; they have their own timepieces and agenda. These are the dynamics we must live with, regardless. You may want to protest, scream or cry but it will not and I repeat, will not have any influence on how life and death will comport themselves no matter what you believe or dream. Now that we got that out of the way what do we do with this knowledge? Nothing. This is not abandonment but acceptance with contemplative understanding. You may want things to go your way all the time but this type of living will eventually create and encounter roadblocks. It is best to be malleable with compassionate resilience and life will then flow with you and around you.

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