By Vichara

If what Huxley and Spinoza identified as the infinite, changeless reality that exists beneath the world of change is what they called the perennial philosophy as god (little g or big G), what is the primary tools / keys to locate this reality? Sometimes it feels like you are reading and book and you have a strong feeling that the answer you are seeking is on the next page but before you can turn the page something keeps you turning it. If this reality is truly wanting to be discovered then why the diversion or subterfuge? Is there some instantaneous decision being made at the last second not to reveal itself? Is there some arbitrary set of conditions that it changes from moment to moment? Or is the revealing only made in the split-second prior to when we die in some kind of cruel assurance that it was there all along but it has it has found that few of us are truly ready to know this reality in this what we call our daily lives? I want to know. I want the empirical truth.

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