A perfect world...

By Vichara

A perfect world does not and cannot exist. Impermanence will never allow it. It is not that impermanence is some physical entity, it is a conditional partner in each and every strand of the fabric of life. Because as soon as it is "born" it all starts to deteriorate and breakdown. There is no stopping it, there is no talking to it. There is no way to reason with it. You need to just accept the fact that perfect does not exist. You can have joy and happiness and things can be absolutely wonderful but the moment after it is already a memory predisposed to the impermanent condition that exists. This is not to paint a dark picture or to bring you down. Far from that this is a reminder and encouragement to make the most of each moment. Make the life you want happen. And with that you give birth to other wonderful moments that gather together to get you as near as it can to perfection can get. But that's it and that is as perfect as it will ever get but isn't that worth it?

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