Today's directions...

By Vichara

Today’s directions…maintain a good speed, keep going straight and when you reach curves in the road decrease your speed, safely lean into each curve and be cognizant of any bumps or holes. Up ahead you will see a sign to turn. Stop, breathe and move uphill. This is the incline of realization. You will not find this on any conventional map or be detected by your GPS unit. It will only appear when you are ready. As you climb the incline of realization there will be many roadside attractions and enticements. There will be barkers that will insist you stop, listen and buy into what they are “selling”. Beware of the charlatans of compromise, as they will have you trade your sense of well-being for the vacuous glitter of gratification. Be careful there will be others. Engage your intuitive traveler sense and stop for understanding and instructions with only those you can trust. The journey is not really that long so enjoy the scenery and sounds before you need to refill and start all over again.

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