Opportunity is here...

By Vichara

You will not be given a single thing in this life except opportunity…which is everything. Whatever misguided sense of entitlement that you believe is owed to you will only fail because of your unwillingness to see beyond the selfish personal barriers you have built. Whatever condition has greeted you in whatever part of this globe you live in there, opportunity will always be there. If you keep your “heart” open and invite those that will always cross your path they will always provide the “bridge” to the next path. From the most remote village to the hidden urban streets they are there. In the darkness that seems inescapable, they are there. In the cold that frightens you, they are there but you need to remove that cloak of anger and distain and be willing to at least meet them halfway. There is always a way out but you will need to take that first step.

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