By Vichara

In the early dark morning as I “sit” there is this one single bright star in the west. At the time I arrive it sits just above the dense foliage of one of the trees that border our property. I have now come to look for it before my meditation time. It has become my “north star” that is set there to guide me into the morning. Of course I want to fantasize a bit and believe that my Mum is embodied in the star and is saying good morning to me and is guiding me. Do you have a north star that is helping guide you along the way? A moralistic compass that provides the direction to turn when confusion rears itself onto your path? For me I keep a journal that I fill with quotations and things I hear that I use to remind and help guide my path. I dip into this journal from time to time to find guideposts. Perhaps this type of thing may benefit some of you. My north star is fading with Mr. Sun as it rises so I will leave you with this one from my journal. “Patience is always in the slow lane”.

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