Renovation job...

By Vichara

There are times when a renovation job needs to be done on us. I’m not talking about a physical overall as in the cosmetic surgery, although sometimes a new haircut can be fun. No I’m talking about a review of the floor plan of your heart and spirit. To really sit with yourself and see what walls need to be torn down and which parts need to be re-enforced. Yes, it is like when you decide to change the physical structure you live in to accommodate the changes with the way you live or with your family. Some things need to just go to make room for the changes. You are of course not the same person that you were 10 years ago. Hell, you are not even the same person from 10 minutes ago. There will be times when you should call in the architect, contractor, plasterer, painter and decorator to overall parts of your spiritual structure to gain a new perspective on how you see the world.

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