By Vichara

The temporary letters placed on the illuminated marquee of this very old theater I passed last night said only one thing “HAPPY”. Nothing else. There was no exclamation point or question mark or anything to set a tone just, “HAPPY”. What was it for? Was there a new show? Did it have any meaning or was it just someone’s playful attempt to elicit some reaction. Well by this entry in this forum I would say it was successful. So of course in my mind this playful posting of the word “HAPPY” tweaked the thought pistons in my head to ask you dear readers and myself is happy a state that exists for you? Are there things that are giving you happiness? Are there ways that you are projecting happiness? You could write them down or just make some mental notes. Use this “thought” as a catalyst as the marquee did for me to stop, reflect and appreciate a few things that make you happy on this sometimes-frenetic journey we are on. By the way when I passed by the marquee again it was blank. In my mind however I would have liked to see the following on the marquee in appreciation of the posting of that one word. “Thank You”.

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