By Vichara

Escapism is subjective. One man’s heaven can be another man’s hell. By various means we can try to alleviate the turmoil that can sometimes spin out of control around us. For every person there is a means and a way, drugs, alcohol, sex, spending, sports, gambling, etc. These are but a few means at our disposal. For every degree of turmoil, there is perceived to be a degree of escapism that can soothe or temper what is invading our lives. There is no invasion, there is no personal attack, there is no vindictive cause, it is just “life” unfolding in all it’s colorful majesty. It is not escapism that will change things; it is equanimity in your acceptance of these events that will quell the storm clouds. Not a resigned acceptance but one of pragmatism and resolve to see things as they are and accept the answers and solutions no matter what they are.

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