The sycamore...

By Vichara

Outside my window where I “sit” is a very tall sycamore tree. It stands perhaps close to 100 feet tall and when its leaves are full it provides a welcome cool canopy in the summers heat. At this time of the year with it’s branches thinned with the winter months it has become a meeting place for several bird species on their way to wherever their feeding needs take them. Each morning for the past few days an impressive group of Mitred and Red-Masked Parakeets, perhaps around 75 have been confabbing in the sycamore, squawking away in the early hours. Along with this noisy group I have seen 2 beautiful Bridled Titmouse swooping from branch to branch. Finches stop by as well, Western Wood Pee-Wee flycatchers too and a host of others like Berwicks, sparrows, morning doves and occasionally I will see the massive wingspan of the Cooper’s hawk. Even though there are many breeds the sycamore tree provides a haven for them all. Perhaps we as humans need a sycamore for our daily journey.

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