Merry Ho Ho Ho to you...

By Vichara

Merry Ho Ho Ho to all of you. It is early Christmas eve here on the west coast but it's officially Christmas day for some of you. Things are a lot different since we were kids and since we have lost some of our friends that gave Christmas a bit more meaning we feel a sense of sadness. While we miss those that have departed here we still have each other even though we are many miles from each other. And while we are miles from each other we must recognize that the miles are simply an archaic measurement and have no bearing on the bond that we have as compassionate souls. One of my many hopes is that the enhanced compassion and sense of giving is not restricted to just one day or a few days at the end of December but will make it's way into the fabric of our daily lives and can be indelibly incorporated into all acts that we do. I know it’s a lot to ask but let's just try.

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