The embers of interest...

By Vichara

Where can we go today that is different than yesterday? They say that variety is the spice of life and they’re many that believe this to be true and lead to a fulfilled life. However is another way we could go today that could allow us to travel great distances without going that far? No, I am not advocating shuffling to your sofa and turning on the travel channel. I thinking more from thought to realization, interest to passion and curiosity to completion. Not just the physical road of adventure and more of the cerebral road of conquest. We all hopefully have many interests but is there perhaps one of two these days that are burning embers of interest in your mind? Perhaps with spring right around the corner this may create a catalyst to add fuel to the fire and allow you to pursue this one interest. We are bundles of dreams and desires. It’s spring plant a new seed and help it grow!

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