The natural speed of the world...

By Vichara

There are many mornings as I “sit” that I feel I am in some kind of waiting room in anticipation of the next train. While I sit the morning light grows as if someone was at the dimmer switch very slowing turning it up. The doves in my aviary are cooing and singing away while the early feathered visitors are happy picking away at the feeders. In the western sky the moon is saying good morning to the sun and the traffic is starting to whirr on the streets below. This is not a traditional one of the regular “thoughts” but more of an illustration. The world has it’s own speed but either consciously or unconsciously we try to speed things up. Racing to get there, clicking to get that or multi-tasking to get whatever. I am just suggesting that it might be good to appreciate the natural speed of the world sometimes and just downshift to it every once in awhile.

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