Are you ready to play?...

By Vichara

It's time to move the chess pieces in a different way.  There has always been constraints on which way we go.  We have been told that if this is the one way you need to go, you go that way.  While technology has been for some cumbersome in many ways it has however created a greater amount of transparency with the existence of our world.  We can now more freely exchange ideas, words and images in a way that not too long ago would be considered science fiction.  You somewhere in Russia or the Netherlands or India can almost instantaneously respond to these words and share with a friend in other pockets of the world.  The chessboard has become more universal and accessible to many more people.  But with this freedom this exchange and openness to the masses comes with a responsibility.  In order to make this foray on this expanded chessboard beneficial we need to meet each other with greater openness.  We need to throw out the manipulation, throw out the deception, the greed, the attachment to old methodology that obviously does not work anymore given this transparency.  We need to utilize more compassion, more integrity and more understanding.  Everyone of us has the capacity to do so regardless of where we are geographically or emotionally.  The new chess pieces on this board will not include the military accruchamonts and carry only compassion, integrity and understanding.  Are you ready to play?  Bent u bereid te spelen? Вы готовы сыграть? Sind Sie bereit zu spielen? Êtes-vous prêt à jouer ? Está você pronto para jogar? 您准备使用? Ви готові до гри? Готови ли сте йо играе? Kas olete valmis mängima? آیا شما حاضر به نمايش مى دانيد? Ert þú tilbúinn til að spila? Vai esat gatavi spēlēt? Ste pripravení? دو تاسو ته چمتو دي؟ Är du att ordna till för att leka?

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