Setting your sails...

By Vichara

Depending on when you read this “thought” your day may have either just started or maybe drawing to a close. If the curtain of the day has just been pulled back you have an opportunity to set your course with the right intent. Now here at this point many of us may get overwhelmed in the list we may mentally create. We may get all excited and the laundry list of actions we may want to follow backs us into a corner of inactivity. Stop! Before this happens breathe and focus on maybe just one for the day. Temper your persistence with patience. Be more open to things difficult to understand. Just something that can act as one guidepost in your journey. Something that will make the day more substantive rather than vacuous. And for those reading this at the end of the day, set your sails with honest reflection on what you can do tomorrow. Either way guide your intent with compassion.

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