This movie of life...

By Vichara

There are some days I feel like saying I've seen enough and if what I have seen was recorded on some hard drive somewhere I would ask just to play back the good parts.  I know that this is not how it goes but it is just an exhausted wish not to see anymore violence, hatred, self-centeredness and the myriad forms of abuse that keeps getting re-invented.  What is it when it can be clearly seen but those that act out in destructive ways will do it anyway regardless that they know it will cause pain.  Is there some twisted delusional belief that this time the horrible act they are about to commit will be considered by those around them as ok and justified?  Those with a good decent moral nature will know that is not true but like water rushing over a rock surface eventually it wears down and breaks.  Let's not break! Let's not get worn down by what we see around us and try to retain a strong union of compassion that can be an example to those contemplating abusive acts that there is another way.  Yes it may seem that we keep seeing the same bad movie and TV shows but let's try to show with a compassionate union that there are more than one way to direct a scene in this movie of life.

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